<< EtherCAT Slave Framework <<

The EtherCAT Slave Framework provides a comfortable Application Programming Interface for the EtherCAT Slave Stack Code ET9300 by Beckhoff. It extends the free EtherCAT Slave Stack Code by a well-defined and constant user interface, which replace the internal application interfaces of the stack completely. Additionally, extended functionality is provided.


The constant API makes it easy to integrate future updates of the EtherCAT Slave Stack Code, because the application code does not have to be modified anymore. The extended functionality cover e.g. the dynamic registration of indication/callback functions that allow to react on various events.
Additionally, several functions provide straight-forward access to the object dictionary.
The scope of delivery includes the EtherCAT DeviceDesigner that configures the EtherCAT Slave Framework and generates the object dictionary automatically using object data bases. The XML and EEPROM file is also generated automatically and always in sync with the object dictionary.
Thus a fast and easy integration of EtherCAT is possible.

System requirements

Scope of delivery/Licensing



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